Lot of 4 Kuroko’s Basketball Takao x Midorima, Kise x Kasamatsu, Kise x Midorima, Kagami x Himuro Yaoi Doujinshi BL Manga Kuroko no Basuke


♥ Rating alert: NSFW 18+ ONLY (There is a yaoi scene!)
Series: Kuroko’s Basketball / Kuruko no Basuke
Title: I want to do it all with you
Page count: 28pg
Type: Comic
♥ Pairing: Kagami x Himuro
Title: Teach me from the textbooks
Page count: 32pg
Type: Comic
♥ Pairing: Takao x Midorima
Title: Yellow sheep’s lullaby
Page count: 52pg
Type: Comic
♥ Pairing: Kise x Kasamatsu
Title: Without realizing it, I was poisoned
Page count: 32pg
Type: Comic
♥ Pairing: Kise x Midorima

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