♥ If you’d like an English translation for your doujinshi, I can provide you with one for an additional fee:

1-20 page doujin: $20
21-50 page doujin: $30
51-70 page doujin: $40
71+ page doujin: $50+

Additional Handling Time

There will be additional handling time for translation that may take up to 10 days. So if there’s a delay for me shipping your doujin out to you, it just means that I’m furiously typing up a translation for your new doujin baby! Your understanding is appreciated!

Translation Availability

Note: Not all doujinshi come with an English translation option. If you don’t see one available, it just means I won’t be translating it, and it’s only available in original Japanese.

English Translation Example

♥ Your translation will be text-only and printed on separate paper that’s added to your shipment. I hope you don’t mind, but I can only translate what’s inside the comic’s speech bubbles!

english translation example

Translation Commissions: CLOSED!🌹

I can translate:
♥ A doujinshi from your personal collection (yaoi is my specialty)
♥ A doujinshi from me that you ordered from me WITHOUT translation, but now you want it WITH translation

The Process

1. Send me a pdf or jpgs via email to queen @ douinshistash.com containing every page in number order of the doujin you’d like translated. Please make sure all the text is clear, well-lit, and not blurry. (Recommendation: To scan, I use CamScanner)

2. I’ll look over it, and either reject your offer or accept it.

3. If I accept your commission, you must pay in advance via PayPal. You’ll send me your PayPal email address, and I’ll send you your invoice.

4. After payment, I’ll get to work on your translation. Please allow me 10 days to get it finished.

5. Within those 10 days, I’ll email you the finished text-only pdf of your finished translation.


♥ Must be for personal use only
♥ Must be less than 70 pages (negotiable, depending)
♥ Payment must be paid in advance
♥ NSFW and SFW doujinshi accepted
♥ No revisions accepted
♥ I will not typeset or scanlate (my translations are text-only, see English Translation Example above)
♥ I only translate the text inside the dialogue/text bubbles
♥ No uploading or sharing the translation online