♥ If you’d like an English translation for your doujinshi, I can provide you with one for an additional fee:

1-20 page doujin: $20
21-50 page doujin: $30
51-70 page doujin: $40
71+ page doujin: $50+

Additional Handling Time

There will be additional handling time for translation that may take up to 10 days. So if there’s a delay for me shipping your doujin out to you, it just means that I’m furiously typing up a translation for your new doujin baby! Your understanding is appreciated!

Translation Availability

Note: Not all doujinshi come with an English translation option. If you don’t see one available, it just means I won’t be translating it, and it’s only available in original Japanese.

English Translation Example

♥ Your translation will be text-only and printed on separate paper that’s added to your shipment. I hope you don’t mind, but I can only translate what’s inside the comic’s speech bubbles!

english translation example