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Q: Where do you get your doujinshi stock from?
A: I bought the majority of the store’s doujinshi from personal collection bulk auctions, with the thought that I’d rather get them in the hands of people who would enjoy them, rather than seeing them get thrown away. (The other ones I bought used while shopping markets for doujin myself~)

Q: Why offer English translations?
A: When I saw other online shops offering translation services, I wished I had that back in my manga collecting days! I remember not being able to read Japanese well (and being too embarrassed to ask for help), but now I’m happy to be that person that can translate for others’ fandoms, too!

Q: My doujinshi hasn’t arrived yet!
A: Please allow 1 – 3 months for delivery.

Q: When do you get more doujinshi to sell on your store?
A: I get all doujinshi secondhand whenever I find them, so I’m not on a set schedule. But I DO have a mailing list and a Twitter account, which lets you be the first to know when I get new ones in stock!

Q: Do you ship to (insert your country/state)?
A: See my shipping page or checkout for places I don’t ship to.


  • Any questions about your purchase?
  • Having a problem with the website?
  • Or have a question about a doujin you’ve been eyeing, but have something you’d like clarified before you commit to taking it home?

You can contact me via email (queen @ or DM on Twitter!